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Beard Oil

Beard Oil


According to "Health line" Beard oil is a conditioner used to moisturize and soften beard hair. It’s also effective for moisturizing the skin beneath your beard.


People use beard oil to keep their beards looking fuller, softer, and tamer. It’s also sometimes used to promote beard growth.

  • Ingredients

    Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Honey, Scent

  • How to Use

    • Put three to five drops of beard oil in the palms of your hands and massage it into your entire beard in a downward motion. Do this when your beard is damp, but not drenched.
    • Make sure to work it through your entire beard.
    • If your beard is long or thick, use a comb to make sure the beard oil gets evenly distributed.
    • You may need more beard oil for a long, thick beard.
    • Style as needed.
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